Saratok is a town, and the capital of the Saratok District (1,586.9 square kilometres) in Betong DivisionSarawak, East Malaysia in the island of Borneo. The last recorded district population was 54,400 (year 2020 census). It is located about 50 kilometres (31 mi) from BetongIban forms the majority of the population (51%) with Malay (40%), Chinese (7%), Bidayuh and Melanau minorities.

A majority of the Iban people live in longhouses in rural areas, planting paddypepper and tapping rubber to earn a living. Some of the Ibans in Saratok either work on or own an palm oil plantations. Generally, the Malay community live near rivers, fishing and planting pineapplescocoa and coconut. A majority of the shopkeepers in Saratok town are Chinese.

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